Just watched panel at https://youtu.be/5Z4EKEg_ZrY

Also located https://blog.mahabali.me/whyopen/curation-of-posts-on-open-pedagogy-yearofopen/

Notes for further consideration:

Jazmine Roberts: Academic responsibility. Serving students and scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds. What is our goal in education?

Tutaleni Asino: Learning about how others do things helps use to understand what we are doing. The importance of telling our own stories. From China Achebe: “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

Doris Jones: “The past is prologue”

Mia Zamora: In what ways are we opening up the academy? Leadership must include moral courage. Unlearning the traditions the academy is built upon. Co-learning with everyone you interact with. What do we need to have authentic co-learning experiences? April Baker Bell’s Linguistic Justice. Andre Jones – code meshing and making meaning. “Your Sound Black” – stigma of the language you are born into.

Kim Fox: What are we doing in front of the classroom? We need stories with a lot of storytelling. Videos of vs writings of individuals [Toni Morrison].



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