Objective 1.1 – Create a series of learning objects (content units, practice exercises, assessment tools to support learning activities) around each of the six ACRL Frames; ensure learning objects are interoperable, reusable, accessible, manageable

Objective 1.2 – Embed in the collection of learning objects content and activities that support the LEP Key Elements for Information Literacy and the AAC&U VALUE rubric

Objective 1.3 – Construct the practice exercise around social justice themes


Objective 2.1 – Construct pre-/post- assessment based on AAC&U VALUE rubric


Objective 3.1 – Create deliverable to assigned requirements (deliverable, bi-weekly updates on progress, screencast, learning activity w/ lesson plans & materials)


Final Project Goals and Timeline


7/20-7/24         – Create learning objects for two Frames

  • Authority is Constructed and Contextual; Content: types of authority, use of research
  • Information Creation as a Process; Content: capabilities and constraints of information

7/27-7/31         – Create learning objects for two Frames

  • Information Has Value; Content: giving credit to original ideas of others, understanding individual responsibility for making deliberate and informed choices
  • Research as Inquire; Content: formulating questions, determining scope, unpacking concepts

8/3-8/7             – Create learning objects for two Frames

  • Scholarship as Conversation; Content: citing work of others, placing scholarly conversation in context
  • Searching as Strategic Exploration; Content: determining scope of tasks

8/10-8/14         – Completion of pre-/post-assessment; assembly deliverable

8/17                 – Deliver completed project

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