Curate learning material. I have gathered “a bunch of resources” – they are somewhat “curated” in folders and subfolders; Have found more resources than anticipated.

Why did you choose these? There are the ACRL and AACU documentation that the project grew from. In searching I have found other universities that have attempted to put the new ACRL Frames/Framework into something understandable and implementable. Some are useful as models.

I began writing an Introduction as more of a conversation with myself to find boundaries to the project which has become more fuzzy than anticipated.

Choose a learning theory to guide your work. Experiential learning

Explain the connections. Finding, evaluating, and citing information has become messy and the rules for use fuzzy. ACRL has shifted from a more countable competency-base to a more overlapping system of transferable understandings that seem to match well with experiential learning though self-guided experiences and reflections.

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