Reflect on a time elements of COI went well or bad in a classroom

In terms of the three Presences, I’ve often been told I have a lot of social presence (we will take that as a positive). For teaching and cognitive I tended to use a lot of hands-on and Socratic Method, especially when I taught middle schoolers. Two longer-term activities involved students constructing a replication of published study that compared the effects of sugar and artificial sweetener separately and together on mice; and students constructing (and doing the math) on a study of the effect of dexedrine on mice. Student engagement and attachment to rigor in planning and carrying through and recording and interpreting data was significant as were student-derived take-away messages.

How do you feel when someone pushes you to do your best?

I generally call up a law of physics. I tend to set rather high standards for myself and tend to overdo what I put into things. And I tend to have more project going on than some think wise. So when someone thinks it’s necessary to give a push, it pretty much feels like a freight train on a fast downhill curve taking the curve with wheels only on the outside track.

Who is your favorite musician of all time? What is it about the sound?

Joplin. Hands down. The underlying grit in her style. I also saw her live … front row, small venue. Left a lasting impression. ┬áBut if I could sing, it would be like Whitney Houston.

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