Choose a learning theory to guide your work. Explain the connections


Sociocultural interaction can take place by proxy through artifacts. In this case, I interacted with the ACRL Framework as it is relatively new and information literacy in higher education is expected to be assessed using these six frames. The literature (and professional conversations) suggested the Framework was difficult to understand and more difficult to try and implement. Searches suggested very few had tried.

The results of literature searches were sorted to be used as a scaffold to trying to understand the two sides.

During literature and Web searches a few sources (universities) turned up as starting to develop materials. So few sources were found that it was understandable why Bucknell University put their material on the Web in editable files (under Creative Commons) with the invitation to please take, edit, use. The University of Western Cape (New Zealand) posted a series of videos for teaching faculty wanting to incorporate the Frames. A few rubrics were found. All of these were used as proxies for More Knowledgeable Others and as more concrete ways of developing my understanding of at least how others interpreted the Framework.

I do have a colleague who I constantly exchange emails with and talk on the phone (several hours each week) talking through these various sources and how to to craft from all this a self-study product for Southern students.

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