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  1. What can we do to re-center online discussions in the voices of our students?

Goldstein, A. (2020, July 16). Students need the skills to find their voices in online classrooms. Philadelphia Public School Notebook.

Kominiak, T. (2016, August 24). How to amplify student voice in curriculum discussions. K12 Insight.

Markel, S. L. (2001, Summer). Technology and education online discussion forums: It’s in the response. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, IV(II).

  1. What makes you angry, why?

Headlines and emails, according to my husband. But not all headlines and emails, and more than headlines and emails. The common thread is actions and words I view as unjust. I have been like this since a child – maybe that’s why some adults said I was born old. When I felt it necessary, stood up for classmates to peers, teachers, and administers. I’ve caught a fist a few times and had a drawer and a trash can thrown at me and a few other meannesses. I survived.

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