What comes to mind as I read this: apprenticeship, Aristotle, Lyceum. Walking down a tree-lined path listening, questioning, discussing (I have a mental image of the scene … must be from a drawing I saw long ago).

Stated five – no six (two are numbered 4) principles:

1. Production-Based – These are my personal early memories of learning from my grandmother and father. I it difficult for me not to image quality learning without a product, whether an object, a a tangible representation of the product, or impressions of the senses.

2. Privacy through Data Empowerment – I’m still thinking about the Montessori connection. Thinking over my formal education, it was the teacher/professor who control what was shared, shown, given praise (and the opposite – ignored, criticized) without regard for the student’s feelings about their own work. Thinking about the consequences – does it cause some students to withdraw from participation in learning as a way to protect/hold private what they might have produced and others to become production lines as the discovered the trick that bring accolades they relish?

3. Community is the Curriculum – Still thinking about this one. Had to look up “rhizomatic learning”. https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007%2F978-3-319-17727-4_49-1

4. Agency and Identity – “providing an avenue for the learner to explore who they are” – yes, totally get this and agree … “and share their learning journey” – but this part I believe really needs to be with feedback loops and talk-alouds with others the student chooses. I personally have not experienced much satisfaction with forced connections.

4.[sic] Leadership through Literacy – This sections seems to suggest digital literacy. And who is leading? I don’t get the underlying point or what this principle is trying to say. But then this room is like a wind tunnel I have so many fans going against this heat, maybe it is my reading that is faulty here.

5. Knowledge Quilting – I like the term. But I don’t think I agree with the image. It has boundaries, things abutting. I think more in terms of knowledge weaving. But then too many I’ve met get confused by weaving and quickly leave the conversation. The very few knowledge weavers I’ve come across I treasure for conversations.

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