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You cannot regulate socialization. Not if you want everyone to engage on their own beginning comfort level and perhaps eventually expand the engagement they are comfortable with.  I am reminded of the idiom “work the room” and how one person can connect one-on-one with individuals to make them feel comfortable, included, and what interests them, how they might fit in with others in the room then make those connections.

3 thoughts on “Can You Say That Online?

    • Imposing a cap on the number of words per post and number of posts per prompt and number of required intervening posts before one could post again to a prompt (with loss of points for violations) would/could help tone down the ‘loud mouths’ and at the same time give specific top boundaries for lurkers that might make them feel more comfortable/confident entering a conversation.

  1. I shy away from min and max word limits, even thoguh all the data shows they work well, If I have students hwho participate too much I try to gently point them to the class code of conduct. I try to make space for lurkers with curation tasks.

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