Found two videos ‘7 Steps to Successful Screencasting’ [2:40] and ‘Cognitive Presence’ [3:03].

Interesting to see/hear self-efficacy measures mentioned … something  I’m including in another project I’m working on.

Screencasting. Right. I don’t do acting in front of a camera. Although I am doing HyFlex in the fall but that’s different as I will be interacting with the students who are in the room … hum … wonder if the masks will make a difference in how sound needs to be set up … note to self: might be smart to see about a test session before classes begin.

Okay, I don’t do acting in front of a camera. So I put together slides and was going to use So now I know I don’t do well talking to a computer screen.

Ended up writing a script (which I’m not great at reading from but the best option so far), turning each slide into a separate jpg, shutting myself and the Zoom recorder in a closet, door shut to keep out the sound of the fans … turned out this produced a bit of an echo, tossing everything into Premiere Pro and in minutes had a finished product which I’m happy enough with to make more. Of course, I first googled for the best format to put it in the blog … way wrong answer retrieved … so used a bit of logic looking at the list of options and chose a good one as the video is on the blog.

Teaser: came across the term ‘whole brain teaching’ – off to explore what that is. Postscript: Immediately found and that tomorrow is the last day of a 7-day virtual conference … and today and tomorrow are sold out. But there are webpages of information linked to each day (which is not recorded).

2 thoughts on “You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard

  1. Teaching and improv are more a like than we admit. Classroom or stage, student or audience, our job to help them grow. I just film how I teach.

    I always use a script. Though this time it was a bunch of stick notes on my computer.

    Nobody want to sit through a synchronous zoom class with a 45 minuted narrated power point.

    Nobody wants to watch a 45 minute narrated powerpoint.

    Still I am more comfortable in front of the camera than most and get to wrap myself in a safety blanket of privilege.

    Some other ideas:
    -A Pen cast…literally focus your camera on a pad of paper and just draw your lecture like a chalk and blackboard
    -Interview the experts–some of my fav content…conversations with people actually in the field
    -Self animated slideshows…to change up from PPT I love videoscribe but expensive
    -Make the students make the lectures, approve the outlines and the recordings first to ensure quality (and assess students)


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