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Just submitted the link to my Portfolio Project. I like the idea in my head and I think the content gets at it … need to let it settle for a day or few then go back for review and edits … but I don’t care for the physical look of it in Bb. But I need to go learn SPIN and have a look at ULTRA and I have a book on HyFlex Course Design I want to read before the end of the week and its already Thursday. I also have dissertation draft2 to read, comment on, and get back to a student (in another country). The Portfolio Project will be piloted this fall with about 75 undergrads. Then we’ll see what I need to change.

In terms of Teams, think I’ve figured out how to navigate it but still don’t like it. Don’t think I would ever willingly use it.

This is the fifth online course I’ve taken. The first was around the time The Web started (went to E-Quad computer lab in order to be in the first wave of experiencing it); that course was taught via emailed twice-a-week lectures and assignments. The second was with participants from various (mostly R1 institutions) and after the hello-here’s-why-I’m-so-great intros, it went pretty silent; I completed and posted the expected work so it was good in that I got something completed, but it was pretty much an echo chamber of one voice. The third was programming/coding and was really a self-study with a rare posting of a question by someone in the class; but fine by me as I learned what I wanted and more. The fourth was synchronous and a studio class so everyone was suppose to be in a set up workspace and working for the three-hour once-a-week lab and participating in critique another three-hour session each week. Critiques were interactive. The working lab sessions were just that; I liked them online as I didn’t have to drag supplies to campus and I could do set-up and clean-up outside of the async meetings so I had more working time. I would do more studio online classes in a minute. Take-away, I find online classes productive for me. Most I would say are disappointing in terms of interaction if interaction is what you want … but what I want is to learn from the professor and complete the work that is assigned as well as I can … so I’ve found online classes productive and meaningful.