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Just submitted the link to my Portfolio Project. I like the idea in my head and I think the content gets at it … need to let it settle for a day or few then go back for review and edits … but I don’t care for the physical look of it in Bb. But I need to go learn SPIN and have a look at ULTRA and I have a book on HyFlex Course Design I want to read before the end of the week and its already Thursday. I also have dissertation draft2 to read, comment on, and get back to a student (in another country). The Portfolio Project will be piloted this fall with about 75 undergrads. Then we’ll see what I need to change.

In terms of Teams, think I’ve figured out how to navigate it but still don’t like it. Don’t think I would ever willingly use it.

This is the fifth online course I’ve taken. The first was around the time The Web started (went to E-Quad computer lab in order to be in the first wave of experiencing it); that course was taught via emailed twice-a-week lectures and assignments. The second was with participants from various (mostly R1 institutions) and after the hello-here’s-why-I’m-so-great intros, it went pretty silent; I completed and posted the expected work so it was good in that I got something completed, but it was pretty much an echo chamber of one voice. The third was programming/coding and was really a self-study with a rare posting of a question by someone in the class; but fine by me as I learned what I wanted and more. The fourth was synchronous and a studio class so everyone was suppose to be in a set up workspace and working for the three-hour once-a-week lab and participating in critique another three-hour session each week. Critiques were interactive. The working lab sessions were just that; I liked them online as I didn’t have to drag supplies to campus and I could do set-up and clean-up outside of the async meetings so I had more working time. I would do more studio online classes in a minute. Take-away, I find online classes productive for me. Most I would say are disappointing in terms of interaction if interaction is what you want … but what I want is to learn from the professor and complete the work that is assigned as well as I can … so I’ve found online classes productive and meaningful.

Found two videos ‘7 Steps to Successful Screencasting’ [2:40] and ‘Cognitive Presence’ [3:03].

Interesting to see/hear self-efficacy measures mentioned … something  I’m including in another project I’m working on.

Screencasting. Right. I don’t do acting in front of a camera. Although I am doing HyFlex in the fall but that’s different as I will be interacting with the students who are in the room … hum … wonder if the masks will make a difference in how sound needs to be set up … note to self: might be smart to see about a test session before classes begin.

Okay, I don’t do acting in front of a camera. So I put together slides and was going to use screencast-o-matic.com. So now I know I don’t do well talking to a computer screen.

Ended up writing a script (which I’m not great at reading from but the best option so far), turning each slide into a separate jpg, shutting myself and the Zoom recorder in a closet, door shut to keep out the sound of the fans … turned out this produced a bit of an echo, tossing everything into Premiere Pro and in minutes had a finished product which I’m happy enough with to make more. Of course, I first googled for the best format to put it in the blog … way wrong answer retrieved … so used a bit of logic looking at the list of options and chose a good one as the video is on the blog.

Teaser: came across the term ‘whole brain teaching’ – off to explore what that is. Postscript: Immediately found https://wholebrainteaching.com and that tomorrow is the last day of a 7-day virtual conference … and today and tomorrow are sold out. But there are webpages of information linked to each day (which is not recorded).

Watching the Lehman College presentation in BbWorld20 (today and tomorrow). Worth being there. https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/online/students/are-you-ready/

This seems to be the SUNY version: https://innovate.suny.edu/assessment/


Ally – Looking at Blackboard Ally now. Would be interested in having a demo on this.


Next up: Using Teaching Analytics as a Proxy for Student Outcomes … would definitely like to hear impressions from other [Greg….] This was quite interesting.

BbWorld20 goes until about 11 pm tonight and start up again tomorrow not long after sunrise. For me, there is a definite advantage to virtual conferences. Right now I’m going through recorded sessions to could be at in real time. Picked up a number of ideas. Particularly appreciate hearing what other universities are doing and trends they have been seeing the past few months.


Day 2 of BbWorld20. Watched some on-demand videos of presentations I missed yesterday. General comment: I just keep thinking … why aren’t we doing something like this? Don’t know how long the on-demand video access will be available so will focus the rest of the day on presentations dealing with assessment and analytics.


Yes! I’m beginning the blog (a bit later, but …).

My background includes teaching in public and private K12-16. Degrees in math/science/systems areas. Was really into SSS and did studies of the security of West Philadelphia using the methodology. I’ve also run a small press and worked in a small newspaper office, and currently take a lot of art classes.

What I want to get out of this class: Given my rocky start with Teams, I want to come out of this class at least semi-competent in Teams.

The five questions intrigue me: What is knowledge? What is memory? What is pedagogy? What is instructional design? How do we do Remote Learning?

In terms of the final project, I am rethinking my original idea and know I need to post a description and a timeline by Tuesday.