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You cannot regulate socialization. Not if you want everyone to engage on their own beginning comfort level and perhaps eventually expand the engagement they are comfortable with.  I am reminded of the idiom “work the room” and how one person can connect one-on-one with individuals to make them feel comfortable, included, and what interests them, how they might fit in with others in the room then make those connections.

Active Learning Strategies:

[“doing things and thinking about what they are doing”]

  • encounter (new) information and ideas
  • engage with information and ideas
  • reflect on their learning

Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning

Mapping active learning strategies:

Content Frame:

[When trying to figure out what this is I ran into Kaplan’s Depth & Complexity framing – putting the link here to explore later.]

What is a content frame? “A Content Frame is a visual representation (an outline) of the content of a reading selection” <Source> Yikes! For the class represented here it would be better for the students to construct this. I believe I had a version of at least the spirit of this in the  video posted earlier.

TimelineEDU106-F20-timeline [PDF]