Watching the Lehman College presentation in BbWorld20 (today and tomorrow). Worth being there.

This seems to be the SUNY version:


Ally – Looking at Blackboard Ally now. Would be interested in having a demo on this.


Next up: Using Teaching Analytics as a Proxy for Student Outcomes … would definitely like to hear impressions from other [Greg….] This was quite interesting.

BbWorld20 goes until about 11 pm tonight and start up again tomorrow not long after sunrise. For me, there is a definite advantage to virtual conferences. Right now I’m going through recorded sessions to could be at in real time. Picked up a number of ideas. Particularly appreciate hearing what other universities are doing and trends they have been seeing the past few months.


Day 2 of BbWorld20. Watched some on-demand videos of presentations I missed yesterday. General comment: I just keep thinking … why aren’t we doing something like this? Don’t know how long the on-demand video access will be available so will focus the rest of the day on presentations dealing with assessment and analytics.